Avalanche Studios | New York, NY | August 2012 - Current

  • Just Cause 3
    • Built a Maya animation pipeline from scratch in order to move the pipeline over from MotionBuilder (while maintaining the ability for animators to export animations back into MoBu from Maya and vice versa to utilize MoBu tools when needed)
    • Developed both animation and rigging tool sets (PySide/Python)
    • Set up a cinematics pipeline for cutscenes
    • Animation tools include import to/from MoBu, animation retargeting, and weapon constraint system
    • Rigging tools include an automated rig builder with customizable building options as well as import/export skin weights
    • Created a batch process tool allowing for batching of any existing tool (exporting, retargeting, etc)
    • Constructed an automatic lip sync/facial pose pipeline using a combination of MotionBuilder's voice device tech, in-house Maya tools, and float tracks to stream metadata to game
    • Developing high quality facial rigs and skeletons
    • Handling and transferring of in-game, cinematic, and facial motion capture data
    • Use of proprietary "Avalanche Engine"

38 Studios | Maynard, MA/Providence, RI | July 2010 - May 2012

  • Project Copernicus (Kingdoms of Amalur - Unreleased MMO)
    • Rigged and skinned numerous characters and character customization assets
    • Created new skeletons and re-targeted existing skeletons for both PCs and NPCs
    • Created new tools for the in-house rigging tool set (Python)
    • Added new features to the automated rigging system
    • Maintained the character pipeline in both Morpheme and UDK

TSE, Inc. | Natick, MA | January 2008 - July 2010

  • 3D Visualized Combat Simulation Software, contracted by the DoD
    • Did all modeling, texturing, rigging, skinning, and animation work for character, weapon, and vehicle assets



Zero VFX | Boston, MA | January 2014 - March 2014

  • Film: Sex Tape (July 2014)
    • Work: Character Rig - German Shepherd
    • Created a full featured quadruped rig with facial setup

High 5 Games | New York, NY | August 2013 - December 2013

  • Work: Various Character Rigs
    • Rigs included a Chinese dragon, a horse, and a human girl rig
    • Chinese dragon included a joint based facial setup
    • Girl rig included a hybrid joint/blend shape setup