Origin - Boston, MA
Current Home - Brooklyn, NY
Current Employer - Avalanche Studios
College - Northeastern University (Boston, MA)

I've been a game developer as a Tech Artist/Tech Animator for 7 years and have worked for two studios as well as contributed to various side projects and freelance work during that time. Major projects I've been a part of have been the unreleased MMO "Kingdoms of Amalur" (38 Studios) and Just Cause 3 (Avalanche Studios). I've also worked with the Avalanche Studios team over in Stockholm who are/were responsible for Mad Max and theHunter franchise. In addition to my direct work on games, in 2016 I was fortunate enough to be part of the Technical Art Bootcamp at GDC where I presented my rigging and animation tools pipeline I had built during production of Just Cause 3.

In my time away from games I enjoy spending time with my fiancĂ©e, running, craft beer, and playing guitar.